Meet Home Chef Charlie

Charlie might just be the next vegan youtube star 🙂 He will be facing off with Kevin. Stay tuned for more fun video’s. Limited number of tickets left ! 

Beanfield Snacks for all at the after-party!

Meet the awesome people behind Beanfield Snacks.  They have been sponsoring the event for 3 years now, we <3 you!  They will be providing chips for everyone at the after-party (right after the competition).

Mandy Patinkin is his cousin…it’s VIC Home Chef Charlie

4 things you probably didn’t know about Home Chef Competitor Charlie: 1. He has webbed toes. 2. He’s seen Britney Spears in concert ten times and met her once. 3. Mandy Patinkin is his cousin, but he’s never met him (so unfortunately he won’t

Special Limited Edition Holiday Box Sets!

  Holiday Deluxe Set (only 8 available) You’ll get to join the VIC judges AND competitors for an all-expenses paid dinner—the day after the event—at Veg388. Dinner to be prepared by winning chef, featuring the winning dish 1 Ticket to Vegan Iron

Vegan Iron Chef: Announcing the Judges

We’re proud to announce that Colleen Holland of VegNews fame will be joining us again as a judge for Vegan Iron Chef, and we welcome Tommy from Field Roast and Kristin from Will Travel For Vegan Food as a first-time judges this year.

Vegan Iron Chef: Round One

*Ding Ding Ding* Vegan Iron Chef announces your Round 1 competitors: Home Chef Bijal vs. Pro Chef Maria. Attendees of the 2014 Vegan Sammich Throwdown will remember our Round 1 Chefs as the winner and runner up, thanks to their delicious sammiches!