Beanfield Snacks for all at the after-party!

Meet the awesome people behind Beanfield Snacks.  They have been sponsoring the event for 3 years now, we <3 you!  They will be providing chips for everyone at the after-party (right after the competition).

Special Limited Edition Holiday Box Sets!

  Holiday Deluxe Set (only 8 available) You’ll get to join the VIC judges AND competitors for an all-expenses paid dinner—the day after the event—at Veg388. Dinner to be prepared by winning chef, featuring the winning dish 1 Ticket to Vegan Iron

Vegan Iron Chef: Announcing the Judges

We’re proud to announce that Colleen Holland of VegNews fame will be joining us again as a judge for Vegan Iron Chef, and we welcome Tommy from Field Roast and Kristin from Will Travel For Vegan Food as a first-time judges this year.

Vegan Iron Chef: Round One

*Ding Ding Ding* Vegan Iron Chef announces your Round 1 competitors: Home Chef Bijal vs. Pro Chef Maria. Attendees of the 2014 Vegan Sammich Throwdown will remember our Round 1 Chefs as the winner and runner up, thanks to their delicious sammiches!